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  1. Golden Mummies of Egypt (Hardback)
  2. A-Z Manchester Hidden Walks
  3. 111 Places in Manchester That You Shouldn't Miss
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  4. Little Book of Manchester
  5. Manchester Pop-Out Map
  6. Cracking the Egyptian Code
  7. Wild Isles
  8. The Oldest Book in the World
  9. Silk Roads: A New History of the World
  10. Gold From the Stone
  11. Monkey King
  12. The Value of a Whale
  13. Forget Me Not
  14. Outrageous: The Story of Section 28
  15. The Prince and the Plunder
  16. Before We Were Trans
  17. Extinctions: How Life Survives, Adapts and Evolves
  18. China: A History in Objects
  19. Planet on Fire
  20. The Pride Atlas
  21. Southeast Asia: A History in Objects
  22. India: A History in Objects
  23. Queer Heroes