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  1. The black letter S surrounded by foliage and the rickshaw featured in the bottom left corner.
  2. Silk Roads: A New History of the World
  3. Earrings made up of 3 hanging shapes. Top two are green semi-circles with gold art deco pattern. The bottom shape is a gold circle. Presented on a white Daughters of the Ganges branded backing card. White background.
  4. A white cover with red text: My name is Soni, my conscience writes poetry. Below centeret is a drawing of a woman figure with six arms, two hansd pressed together in front of her chest, two are holding drama masks and a book and the last two rest with th epalms outward on the knees.
  5. Biting Biting: Snacking Gujarati Style
  6. Southeast Asia: A History in Objects
  7. India: A History in Objects
  8. V-shaped necklace in gold and blue with triangular cutouts and pattern along the outer/bottom edge. The gold plated chain is fastened at each leg of the V. Pale sage green backdrop.
  9. Islamic Architecture
  10. A black square tray shown at an angle on a dark teal fabric backdrop. A green parrot in the righthand corner against a hot pink background. The centre has a jali-inspired lattice pattern with wood and gold.
  11. A pair of pink edged Jali-inspired earrings shaped like an arch with several curves. An internal lattice structure is created with wood on a gold background. Dark teal fabric backdrop.