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  1. Red triceratops knitted toy against white background.
  2. Moss green triceratops knitted toy against white background.
  3. Rainbow striped T-rex knitted plush toy.
  4. Two blue stegosauruses knitted toys against white background.
  5. The blue stegosaururs push along in a side view.
  6. Side view of green dinosaur pull along. It's shaped like a sauropod with the legs as wheels and purple spot pattern.
  7. Orange and yellow pterodactyl knitted toy against white background.
  8. The wooden fox rattle against a white background.
  9. The blue and yellow submarine toy with the cardboard packaging around it.
  10. A wooden stegosaurus rainbow puzzle that is standing up with numbers 1 to 10 in white each number on each piece.
  11. Rainbow elephant number puzzle in a side view. The numbers are ranging from 1 to 10 and are in white on each piece.
  12. All six mini beasts stacked one on top of the other. Starting from the bottom, bee, caterpillar, butterfly, beetle, spider and ladybird.