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The Botany Collection

Manchester Museum has a wide range of products inspired by our extraordinary collections. The herbarium at the Manchester Museum houses an extensive botany collection which includes three-quarters of a million plant specimens. The collections are catalogued and photographed to document the world's flora, to further facilitate their use and provide a permanent record of botanical diversity. The collection is used in teaching at the University of Manchester to enhance the student experience and loaned worldwide for research into climate change, naming new species of DNA analysis. Every purchase supports the museum and its mission to build understanding between cultures and a more sustainable world.

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  1. Delicate flowers on a long stem with small leaves gathered in the middle.
  2. Salted caramel chocolate square box with a cacao tree and fruit illustration. White text: salted caramel, milk chocolate.
  3. Weedy plant illustrationon a nude background with the text above the plants saying, just to say...
  4. Caramel and honeycomb chocolate square box with a cacao tree and fruit illustration. White text: caramel & honeycomb, milk chocolate.
  5. Square coaster with rounded corners and a watercolour picture of a fern plant. Photographed on a grey wooden surface.
  6. Hand cream and its packaging side by side on a marble surface with flora surrounding it