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The Botany Collection

The herbarium at the Manchester Museum houses an extensive botany collection which includes three-quarters of a million plant specimens. The collections are catalogued and photographed to document the world's flora, to further facilitate their use and provide a permanent record of botanical diversity. 

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  1. Square coaster with rounded corners and a watercolour picture of a fern plant. Photographed on a grey wooden surface.
  2. The red and white toadstool earrings inside the screw top tin. The lid is resting agaisnt the side of the open tin and has the mountain and me branding on it.
  3. Hand cream and its packaging side by side on a marble surface with flora surrounding it
  4. Black print of a queen sago palm tree and the fruiting bodies.
  5. Two large oak leaves on a pale white background with the text, thinking of you.