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Greetings Cards

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  1. Delicate flowers on a long stem with small leaves gathered in the middle.
  2. Arch shaped greetings card with weedy plant illustrations. A purple rectangle at the middle has the text, birthday wishes.
  3. Weedy plant illustrationon a nude background with the text above the plants saying, just to say...
  4. Flowering weed illustration on greetings card with kraft paper envelope behind.
  5. Nude coloured card with two small oak leaves in the middle and text underneath saying, bundle of joy.
  6. A purple card showing a praying person touching a crescent moon. In the black hair in yellow lettering the words are, eid mubarak.
  7. Two large oak leaves on a pale white background with the text, thinking of you.
  8. Illustrated potted plants of various shapes and sizes on a white card. In black lettering the words, you grow every day, are scattered between the plants.
  9. A pale purple card with lots of hands with henna decorations. In the middle in three shades of red and pruple the words, eid muba-rak, are written.
  10. Love is All Around Greetings Card
  11. Diwali Decorations Greetings Card
  12. Happy Diwali Greetings Card
  13. Diwali Fireworks Greetings Card