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  1. Totally Chaotic History: Ancient Egypt Gets Unruly
  2. In My Mosque
  3. Black And British: Junior
  4. Atlas of Dinosaur Adventures
  5. Africa Amazing Africa
  6. Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life
  7. Black & British: Illustrated
  8. A Day in the Life: Frogs
  9. India Incredible India
  10. Lands of Belonging
  11. ABC of Pride
  12. We All Celebrate!
  13. Press out and Decorate Chinese Zodiac
  14. A Day in the Life: Birds
  15. Pop-up Forest
  16. Black Curriculum: Places
  17. Rainbowsaurus
  18. Book of Dinosaurs
  19. Black Curriculum: Migration
  20. Lore of the Land
  21. Growing Up Black in Britain: Stories of courage, success and hope