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  1. Baby T. rex Finger Puppet Book
  2. The Unofficial Guide to the Ancient Egyptian Afterlife
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  3. King Tutankhamun Tells All!
  4. Baby Tiger Finger Puppet Book
  5. First Magic Painting Zoo
  6. Baby Giraffe Finger Puppet Book
  7. Today I'm Strong
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  8. First Sticker Book: Trees
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  9. A Dinosaur a Day
  10. Dino Block Book
  11. My First Heroes: Eco Warriors
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  12. Cleopatra Tells All!
  13. Look and Find Puzzles: Bugs
  14. Toxic: The World's Deadliest Creatures - Ico Romero
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  15. My First Heroes: Black History
  16. Baby Touch: Dinosaurs
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  17. Baby Sloth Finger Puppet Book
  18. Oi Frog!
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  19. Little Crab Finger Puppet Book
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  20. In My Mosque
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  21. That's Not My T. rex
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  22. Baby Hedgehog Finger Puppet Book
  23. Don't Ask the Dragon
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