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  1. Delicate flowers on a long stem with small leaves gathered in the middle.
  2. Black print of a 1897 illustration of a pineapple agave plant.
  3. Arch shaped greetings card with weedy plant illustrations. A purple rectangle at the middle has the text, birthday wishes.
  4. Weedy plant illustrationon a nude background with the text above the plants saying, just to say...
  5. M print from the museum bespoke tile.
  6. Flowering weed illustration on greetings card with kraft paper envelope behind.
  7. Beige print with the 1897 illustration of a fern and the fruiting bodies.
  8. A print with a white border around the beige main background. A single soft pink peony flower and some leaves are in the middle of the print.
  9. Nude pink card with a person wearing a large green overcoat and carrying one potted plant in one arm and holding a brown bag with more plants sticking out in the other.
  10. Pale pink card with orange citrus fruits and green leaves scattered. I orange-red large letters it says, happy birth-day.
  11. World map with sage green background and animals from the regions on it.