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  1. Black print of a 1897 illustration of a pineapple agave plant.
  2. Delicate flowers on a long stem with small leaves gathered in the middle.
  3. Arch shaped greetings card with weedy plant illustrations. A purple rectangle at the middle has the text, birthday wishes.
  4. Weedy plant illustrationon a nude background with the text above the plants saying, just to say...
  5. Flowering weed illustration on greetings card with kraft paper envelope behind.
  6. Great Tit and Flowers Greetings Card
  7. Print with the headline text, my dinosaur alphabet. Dinosaurs with various colours in rows of five with names to match the alphabet.
  8. World map with pink background and animals from the regions on it.
  9. Black print of a queen sago palm tree and the fruiting bodies.