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The Natural World

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  1. Wild Isles
  2. The Preserving Garden
  3. A Warning From the Golden Toad
  4. Book cover featuring illustration of plants
  5. Wild Fell
  6. The Science of Garden Biodiversity
  7. Blue Machine: How the Ocean Shapes Our World
  8. Wild Places: Inspired Traveller's Guide
  9. In Her Nature: How Women Break Boundaries
  10. Return of the Wild
  11. Fourteen Wolves: A Rewilding Story
  12. Wild City: Encounters with Urban Wildlife
  13. One Thousand Shades of Green (Britain's Wild Plants)
  14. The Wildlife Garden
  15. Rewilding the Sea
  16. The Exhausted Earth
  17. Book cover
  18. Book cover featuring illustration of a fox
  19. Enchantment: Reawakening Wonder in an Exhausted Age