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  1. Hand crocheted Murray the therapy dog brooch. head of black and white dog.
  2. The yellow triceratops earrings inside the screw top tin. The lid is resting against the side of the open tin and has the mountain and me branding on it.
  3. Brass rectangular pendant earrings with a turquoise glass bead on the hoop over the rectangles. Presented on a white, museum branded backing card.
  4. Manchester bee bamboo brooch. Close up of the brooch on the Mountain and me branded backing card.
  5. Lotus brass necklace draped over the museum bespoke white ard that is part of the sustainable packaging.
  6. Kantha Collar Necklace
  7. Felted orange-red fox head with white cheeks and closed eyes.
  8. Earrings made up of 3 hanging shapes. Top two are green semi-circles with gold art deco pattern. The bottom shape is a gold circle. Presented on a white Daughters of the Ganges branded backing card. White background.