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Golden Mummies Exhibition

"Golden Mummies of Egypt" explores expectations of the afterlife under Graeco-Roman rule of Egypt and Western Fascination with these hopes. To celebrate this exciting exhibition, the museum shop has produced an extensive collection of exhibition inspired products. Every purchase supports the museum and its mission to build understanding between cultures and a more sustainable world.

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  1. Golden Mummies of Egypt (Hardback)
  2. Egyptian inspired denim pencil case against white background. Egyptian-style figures and hyroglyphics gold embroidery
  3. The Complete Tutankhamun
  4. Brass rectangular pendant earrings with a turquoise glass bead on the hoop over the rectangles. Presented on a white, museum branded backing card.
  5. Black t-shirt with Golden Mummies mask illustration on the chest.
  6. The black t-shirt with a burial mask photography printed on the front with white text reading, golden mummies of Egypt.
  7. The Treasures of Tutankhamun