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  1. Black banana print of a 1897 illustration of a banana plant and the fruiting bodies.
  2. Black print of a queen sago palm tree and the fruiting bodies.
  3. Black print of a 1897 illustration of a pineapple agave plant.
  4. Beige print with the 1897 illustration of a fern and the fruiting bodies.
  5. Pale pink print with a narrow white border around. The main subject is a person holding an armfull of plants so the leaves obscure the face. Above in black lettering it read, I need more plants.
  6. White print with a variety of plants in pots. Black text scattered among the plants reads, you grow every day.
  7. Nude brown, pink and red print with two large figures standing on either side and holding their arms up together to form a heart shape. Inside the heart shape the brown text reads, youare worthy of love & respect.
  8. Pale pink print with a narrow white border. The subject is a person wearing a large green overcat and carrying a potted plant in one hand and holding a brown bag with more plants sticking out in the other. Green text to the right of the person says, never too many plants.
  9. Print with white background and various summer flowers as the subject.
  10. Print with a black background and berries and fruits as well as a sunflower as the subjects.
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