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  1. Black print of a 1897 illustration of a pineapple agave plant.
  2. Beige print with the 1897 illustration of a fern and the fruiting bodies.
  3. A print with a white border around the beige main background. A single soft pink peony flower and some leaves are in the middle of the print.
  4. Black print of a queen sago palm tree and the fruiting bodies.
  5. Simon Buckley of Not Quite Light, photography of a rainstorm by a traffic light near Deansgate.
  6. Simon Buckley photography of the Manchester skyline seen towards the Principal. The scene is a sunset or early morning with lights shining form the windows and soft peach and orange hues in the background of the sky.
  7. Pale pink print with a narrow white border around. The main subject is a person holding an armfull of plants so the leaves obscure the face. Above in black lettering it read, I need more plants.