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Africa Day Lecture by Dr. NobuLali Dangazele

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Dr. NobuLali Dangazele is a distinguished voice from South Africa giving a talk as part of Manchester Museum's Africa Day celebrations. Delve into an exploration of heritage and identity as Dr. Dangazele shares her insights on how the objects and artifacts within our homes serve as vessels of cultural narratives. Dr. Dangazele brings a unique perspective rooted in her rich African heritage. Drawing from her extensive background in the arts, she will illuminate the significance of everyday items in preserving and transmitting cultural heritage.

Discover the stories woven into each artifact and the profound connections they hold to African heritage and identity. Through her expertise in applied theatre and qualitative research, Dr. Dangazele will inspire a deeper appreciation for the cultural tapestry that shapes our lives. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with Dr. Dangazele as she uncovers the untold stories behind the objects that adorn our homes, celebrating Africa's vibrant heritage on this special occasion at Manchester Museum.


Dr. NobuLali Dangazele, is a South African based in Birmingham and is a distinguished figure within academia, consultancy, entrepreneurship, and the arts. Dr. Dangazele is an Award-winning producer, concurrently pursuing a master’s degree in Dramatic Arts. Her academic journey culminated at The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg  where she earned a Mandela Rhodes scholarship for her outstanding achievements. Subsequently, she founded ShakeXperience ®, an Applied Theatre company renowned for its ground-breaking African adaptation of George Orwell's Animal Farm and innovative teaching methodologies. Continuing her academic pursuits, Dr. Dangazele pursued a doctorate at Warwick Business School, where she co-founded Nudgeathon®, a pioneering initiative blending insights from psychology, economics, design, and the performing arts to address complex societal challenges through crowdsourcing.

Drawing from her extensive background in the arts, Dr. Dangazele integrates experiential learning and behavioural insights into her teaching and research. Her areas of expertise encompass Strategy, Symbolic Interaction, Leadership, and Applied Theatre, with a particular focus on qualitative research methods, including video techniques.

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