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  1. A pair of round stud earrings in dark teal with outline brass drop shaped pendants attached beneath.
  2. A single boop brass bangle with two small pendants in the shape of a star and a new moon. White backdrop.
  3. Undyed tagua pendant carved inthe shape of a small, simple elephant with the trunk rounded out and then attached to a front leg. The necklace chain is draped across the white, blank surface behind the elephant and moving out of the photos edge on the left.
  4. Kantha Collar Necklace
  5. Earrings made up of 3 hanging shapes. Top two are green semi-circles with gold art deco pattern. The bottom shape is a gold circle. Presented on a white Daughters of the Ganges branded backing card. White background.
  6. Round blue earrings with a pendant in the centre of each circle. The earring to the left has a sun with a face engraved as the pendant while the righthand earrings has a crescent moon. Gold hook fastenings. Pale sage green backdrop.
  7. A pair of sun studs with engraved faces in the round centre. Pale sage green backdrop.
  8. An archway shaped pendant on a gold snake chain. Around the jagged gold centre soft pink and hot pink run along the edges of each side of the arch. Peach backdrop.
  9. A pair of arched doorway earrings on a peach backdrop. The archways are turquoise along the edge and have a golden trim. The top arch centre is hot pink while the bottom has mixed marbling of greens and blue colours.
  10. V-shaped necklace in gold and blue with triangular cutouts and pattern along the outer/bottom edge. The gold plated chain is fastened at each leg of the V. Pale sage green backdrop.
  11. A pair of pink edged Jali-inspired earrings shaped like an arch with several curves. An internal lattice structure is created with wood on a gold background. Dark teal fabric backdrop.
  12. An archway pendant with a white elephant walking out from behind either side of it. The elephants have raised trunks and wear decorative cloth on their backs. the archway itself is turquoise around the edges with a wooden trim and pink and colourful centre. The gold chain is fastened to the elephants' raised trunks. Peach background.
  13. A pair of jagged edged diamond shaped earrings in gold, hot pink and pale pink. The stud part of the earringshas a round pink disc to hide the stud. Pale peachy backdrop.
  14. Necklace with small green beads around the neck end and larger blue and yellow beads along the drop. There is a brass disc to the left and a brass circle with a cut out just off centre of the drop.