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The Botany Collection

The herbarium at the Manchester Museum houses an extensive botany collection which includes three-quarters of a million plant specimens. The collections are catalogued and photographed to document the world's flora, to further facilitate their use and provide a permanent record of botanical diversity. 

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  1. Floriography Cards
  2. Bamboo daisy earrings. Alternative petals are painted white. Silver hoop fastening.
  3. Green hand-painted bamboo earrings in the shape of seaweed. Silver hook fastening.
  4. Bamboo earrings in the shape of seaweed - hand painted green. Gold hoop fastenings.
  5. Bamboo earrings in the shape of seaweed, hand painted with black and white dots. Silver hook fastening.
  6. Leila Duly's Walk in the Woods Colouring Book