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The Cyan Studio - Victoria Glover

Introducing one of our new local makers Victoria Glover from The Cyan Studio. Victoria is a textile designer and printmaker using the cyanotype technique to create unique prints and cards inspired by botanicals and nature. These pieces form part of our new collection to accompany the WILD exhibition.

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  1. Cyanotype print with fern
  2. Cyanotype print of fern
  3. Wooden postcard with cyanotype print of wild carrot
  4. Cyan Studio Mini Print - Forage Leaf 2
  5. Cyanotype featuring a forage leaf plant
  6. Cyaontype print of snowdrop
  7. Cyan Studio Wild Carrot Cyanotype Print
  8. Cyaontype print with feathers
  9. Wooden cyanotype postcard with a fern on it