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Unseen Egypt at Manchester Museum (2 person ticket)

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Ever wondered what’s hidden behind closed doors at Manchester Museum? Head behind the scenes and get exclusive access to one of the UK’s largest Egyptology collections as part of this special experience day for two people.

You’ll join our Curator of Egypt and Sudan, Dr Campbell Price to discover the stories and objects that aren’t on display, find out how we care for our collections and ask all those questions you’ve always wanted answers to.

Ancient Egypt is one of the most enduring and fascinating periods of human history. A seductive combination of gold, death, art and mystery, it is as popular with book readers and movie-goers as it is with museum visitors. Our spectacular exhibition, Golden Mummies of Egypt, has captivated audiences since opening in February 2023 and this will be one of the final chances to see it up close before it closes on 14 April 2024.

Much of Manchester Museum’s extensive Egyptology collection is in storage and only accessible by appointment but this experience will allow you to encounter the artefacts and hear about the latest research informing our understanding of the ancient Egyptians.

It includes a tour of Golden Mummies led by Campbell, a tour of our Conservation Studio from Dr Sam Beath, to hear about the care and treatment of the Egyptian collections on display in the exhibition, and get involved in hands-on conservation work, a clay making workshop, and a couple of gifts to take home with you.
  • This experience ticket is for two people.
  • The experience is suitable for people aged six and over, and persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Included in the price of each ticket is one Museum-branded black tote bag and one copy of the Golden Mummies book by Dr Campbell Price (RRP £28).


Schedule of the day

9am arrival

9:30am Tour of Golden Mummies with Curator of Egypt and Sudan, Dr Campbell Price.

10am Tour of Conservation and Research Studio, providing an opportunity to explore the art and science of conservation.

  • Learn how our Ancient Egyptian Golden Mummy mask was made with reference to real Ancient Egyptian artefacts. The creation of Ancient Egyptian Mummy masks was an artistry steeped in reverence, skill and ritual. These masks served as protective coverings for the faces of the deceased, preserving and aiding the spirit's journey to the afterlife. Understanding their construction involves exploring the techniques and materials used by ancient craftsmen.
  • Challenge yourself to replicate intricate details from the original mask onto an exact replica.
  • Learn how we conserve our ancient Egyptian plaster casts, including a hands-on encounter cleaning a centuries-old plaster cast.

11am Clay making workshop 

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